Helmsley Brewing Co Beer In A Box


In these difficult times we have innovated our offer to ensure that you can enjoy cask beer, with a traditional flavour, from a box. These products are lovingly hand-packaged and brought directly to your door, direct from our brewery and delivered to your door. These clever boxes last longer than cask so you can savour the delicious hand pulled flavours, according to the best before on the box. Once opened they should last at least a week because the bag system prevents the beer from being oxygenated in the same way as it would in a cask. In short, store, pour and enjoy at your leisure!

We also offer “Pub in a Box” which includes a Beer in a Box with two glasses and two beermats, the perfect combination!

Box Size: 5 Litres


YO62, YO61, YO17, YO18, YO7, YO22, YO41, YO19, YO26, YO27, YO30, YO31, TS9, DL6, DL7